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925 Sterling Silver Watches For Men
925 Sterling Silver Watches For Women
Sterling Silver Water Bottle
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Sterling SIlver Whiskey Flasks
Pure Silver Tea Set



Everywhere you look, you will find silver items!

Of course every orders are free shipping!

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Welcome to the world of silver!
Since the antiquity, there was only 3 metals which were considerate as precious. 
Gold, silver and bronze! Only 2 of them was for jewelry. 
On this website, focus and specialization are dedicated to silver. 
You will can find 925 sterling silver, 990 sterling silver and of course 999 pure silver. 
All the pieces that you will find here has a big trackability from the mine to your body, pocket, or in your vault. 
The craftsmen who was hired, and who collaborate with Full-Silver are professional and experts to make beautiful pieces of jewelry or other things. 
Every items you dream off, and need in silver are here!
Come to grab yours before it’s too late. 
Do not hesitate to contact the team to have more informations for your next purchase!
To make your visit more comfortable, the categories and collections are tight that way:

  • 925 sterling silver items
  • 990 sterling silver items
  • 999 pure silver items


025 Sterling Silver rings
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In this store, everything you’ll find is made of pure silver!
Every purchases are free shipping worldwide, enjoy it!

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Don’t hesitate to use the chat or to call us via WhatsApp to get more infos and details about your needs.
The team will be more than happy to help and guide you

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With the new SQL technology, you can safely purchase on the boutique!

925 Sterling Silver Necklaces
925 Sterling Silver Bracelets
925 Sterling Silver Pendants
025 Sterling Silver Earrings
925 Sterling Silver Pens
925 Sterling Cufflinks
925 Sterling Silver Lighters
Pure Silver 999 Flatware

Everything you would need will be in one of this three big collections. 
Enjoy your time in this shop and we hope you will find what you need and want. 
If you need to customize some items, just contact us and ask, we have some surprises for you about it. 
The big crisis is coming and invest in silver is a pretty good idea to get some valuables things that will last forever. 
Don’t forget if you order before 2pm, your order is ship the same day. And yes Full-Silver offers you free shipping worldwide for any purchase. 

925 Sterling Silver Hair Sticks
925 Sterling Silver Belt Buckles
Sterling Silver Combs


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