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ARE REAL DIAMONDS SET IN STERLING SILVER? How can you say whether the piece of precious stone adornments you are looking at is genuine or not? Indeed, first, take a gander at the metal it’s set on. A few metals are excessively delicate for genuine precious stones to be set on them, and assuming you […]

What is the Difference Between Silver and Silvery?

The difference between silver and silvery is simple: silver is all what is in silver silvery is all what have a silver color or brightly color. Now we will try to develop this short answer to let you know more about this topic. Are you ready? So let’s go!  Silver and Sterling Silver With all the other blog posts […]

Can you Resize a Sterling Silver Ring?

If you want to know if you can resize your sterling silver ring, the simple answer is: YES! it’s possible. Now today we will see the whole process together. Are you ready? Let’s go! Is it easy to resize a sterling silver ring? It is rather simple to resize.This metal can be resized in the same […]

Where Does Silver Come From?

Is Silver Naturally Found? How did we end up with silver?Silver is commonly found in lead, copper, and cobalt arsenide ores, and it is often coupled with gold in nature.The majority of silver is mined and processed as a by-product to obtain these other metals.Silver can be found in volcanic rocks in its purest form. […]

How to Calculate Silver Price in China

By a matter of fact, when you want to buy silver from China, there are some points that you need to know. Today we will speak about that points.  About Pure Silver Ingots, Bullions and Coins: About this items, price is calculate on grams and kilograms. the purity and the quality of the silver also play a […]

Silver And Fashion

Trend about Silver Since mankind began using precious metals to make jewelry, two major trends have emerged. Gold to show power and wealth and of course silver which shows more elegance and fashion. Today, we will see together why silver is that good for fashion.  Silver, Fashion, and Trends Why silver is so popular for […]

What is 990 Sterling Silver?

What is 990 Silver Jewelry? 990 Silver is denoted by the letters S990, which stands for 990 parts per 1000 of pure silver. Pure silver is defined as 990 silver.The hallmark for sterling silver is S925, which stands for 925 parts per 1000 silver. You’ve probably heard the terms 990 Silver and 990 Silver Jewelry […]

How to Clean Tarnished Silver at Home

Silver has this unfortunate habit to tarnish. We all don’t like to see it become black or loses it’s bright color. Today we will explore together some DIY ways to clean your silver stuff at home as:-silverware-jewelry-flatware-tea set etc…Are you ready to begin? So… Let’s go! Cleaning tips for silver Before we begin, there are a […]

How to Make a Silver Ingot?

Among the basic techniques of jewelry making, we find the ingot. This consists of melting the metal to make an ingot, in order to roll it to obtain a plate, or to draw it to make wire. If the melting of silver and gold requires some tools such as a crucible, an ingot mould and […]

How Rare is Silver?

1 gram of silver is included in every 12.5 tonnes of earth (27,600 lbs). Because of this ratio, combined with silver’s extremely low market price, mining the precious metal is less profitable and enticing than mining many other metals. Is silver really rarer than gold? Surprisingly, above-ground silver is more valuable than gold. In fact, […]

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