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Silver Bottle for Water

Here are some of the most important health benefits of drinking water from a silver glass that will astound you! Drinking Silver Bottled Water Has Many Health Benefits: Today we will see 8 benefits of drinking water in silver bottle.Get ready, because you wont believe it first at first sight. Ok let’s go! Antibacterial and […]

History of Silver

Since ages humans are using silver and silver coins as way of exchange and trade and pay for things they want to buy and sell. Today, we will speak about the history of silver through the ages. It’s use as money of jewelry, you will surely like to know more about this precious metal. Ancient Silver […]

How To Recognize Fake Sterling Silver

Nowadays with the new technology and the bad behavior of people it’s easy to being deceived about quality of the good you buy. Especially about gems and precious metals. Today we will see five ways totally free to recognize at 90% if the silver piece you want to buy is true or fake. They need some material, […]

Silver Against Evil Monsters

Werewolves live as people and only transform into wolves on full moon nights. They’re powerful, ferocious, and only silver can kill them. But why is silver was using?So, we’re not in the supernatural at all. All phenomena must have rational explanations, as the great Pythons demonstrated. Because a witch and a duck both float in water, […]

How to invest in silver

Silver and other precious metals have long been seen as a viable alternative to standard assets such as stocks and bonds. Some investors resort to silver to hedge their risks or invest more defensively when circumstances go rough or it appears that the Federal Reserve is actively printing money. Silver is popular among investors for […]

Types of Silver Used In Jewelry

Learn about the many silver alloys that are used in jewelry.What distinguishes Argentium from normal sterling silver?What is Tibetan silver made of?Increase your understanding of silver so you may become an expert on the subject! Silver Alloys: There are many different types of silver on the market nowadays. To educate your customers about silver quality […]

silver broach crafted

Silver Brooch Crafted

For some time now, the brooch has been enjoying a second youth. Previously associated only with grandma’s jackets and wool sweaters, it is conquering the fashion world, adorning the creations of world-renowned designers such as Marc Jabocs and Karl Lagerfeld. It shows on  that the silver brooch is back in grace and is increasingly used, […]

How to use a Silver Teapot?

Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies are commonly held at formal events such as Chinese weddings, but they can also be used to welcome visitors into one’s house. Gather the following items to perform a traditional Chinese tea ceremony: teapot, tea strainer, kettle (stovetop or electric), tea pitcher, brewing tray, deep plate or bowl, tea towel, water, […]

How to clean antique silver teapot?

Silver is a soft valuable metal that is used to create jewelry, electronics, and tableware like pitchers and teapots. Tarnish, a chemical reaction generated by sulphur dioxide in the air, can cause silver to lose its luster and white color. Tarnish forms an oxide coating on the surface of the silver. If you employ the […]

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