Silver Bracelet 925

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Showing 1–25 of 125 results

Silver bracelets 925

What are Silver Bracelets 925

Silver Bracelets 925 are very popular in our world and in every countries and cultures. This is a jewel that can be simple and elegant or double, triple and sophisticated. It can be a simple chain around your wrist, or a large bangle.
In this collection Full-Silver offer you a wide choice of sterling silver bangle, silver bracelet, sterling silver chain bracelets and more. They can be polished, or ornate with stones and gems to embellish it. For example you will find some with turquoise, or agate, onyx, tiger’s eyes stone, zirconia, moissanite, and much more. Some of them are also made with brass, which is a very good match of the two metals to make a good and beautiful jewel.
Thin or wide, at Full-Silver, you will find the silver bracelet that suits you the most.
Every inch of each pieces has been worked and made in the purpose to please you and match to your taste.

How much does cost a sterling silver bracelet?

If we need to give a panel it would start at 20 usd and go up to 400 usd according, the weight, the style, the material and the quality of the pure sterling silver 925. You can take in account the weight of the product, the width, the length, the thickness, clasp, etc… Does it have a stamp or not? If there is a S925 stamp, it’s a warranty of good quality of the precious metal for you. When you buy a jewel you want to have a budget, if your bracelet match your expectations, your budget and your taste don’t hesitate and buy it! At Full-Silver we offer you free shipping on any order you would make. And more than this, we also offer you free return in the 14 first days after reception of your piece of jewellery.

silver bracelet 925 collection 2
silver bracelet 925 collection 2

What are the different types of silver bracelet?

There is so many style of different bracelets and bangle, but to name only few there is silver bangle, silver chain bracelet, 18k gold plated bracelet, rose gold plated bracelet, silver bracelet with crystal, silver bracelet with onyx, silver bracelet with turquoise etc…
A good 925 silver bracelet should have enough length for you can wear it comfortably, a stamp to guarantee its good quality, and all after is up to your tastes.
It could be engraved, carved, plain, solid, a chain with plate, with beads and more. A sterling silver bracelet will give you more elegance and it’s also a good anti inflation item. Full-Silver offer a wide range of silver bracelets, the collection is constantly up to date with new items as we still continue to find more and more artisan to craft new models that we will add in our stock.

What can do Full-Silver for me?

Full-Silver offers you a wide range of jewels and items in pure silver 925, 990, and 999. We guaranty to give you the best quality of timeless products in this precious metal that is silver. Full-Silver also offers you free shipping worldwide on any purchase you would make on our internet shop. If you are not happy with your purchase we also give you free return 14 days after reception of your jewel. So there is no objection to you to give it a try and shop now an item that you like or have a crush on it. Our team is available 24/7 via the chat or email to answer all your questions. Full-Silver make a point of honor to find the best handmade jewels to give you the best quality ever at the best price. Therefore we won’t rise our prices until May 2024 to make a shield to the inflation.

What other jewel can match with a silver bracelet?

Usually a bracelet is sufficient to itself, however, you can pair it with silver rings, a pair of sterling silver earrings or a chain necklace with a silver pendant for example. You also can pair it with another bracelet on the same wrist or the inverse wrist. You can chose some with imitations of diamond, or with real gemstones. To find ruby, sapphire or true diamonds will be rare nowadays but it can be findable. If you want to ask why? It’s because silver is a cheap metal, and you can’t find cheap real diamond.

silver bracelet 925 collection
silver bracelet 925 collection

The most popular set of silver bracelets is often pair with a necklace. So for example silver bracelet dragon and silver necklace dragon would make a very nice set. Remember that silver is timeless, and if you take care of your item, you will can pass down this item to your children and so on for generations.

How can i know the size of my wrist to receive my bracelet?

We have a size chart that can show you what size you should take, however, you can mesure your wrist size easily with a rope for example. Wrap a rope around your wrist and tight well from end to end and at the matching point leave a mark on it. Then unwrap the rope and measure it on a ruler, you know now your wrist size. After all depend if you want a bracelet that will move on your wrist or get a tight bracelet that won’t move anymore once you closed the clasp.

Is silver rare enough to call it a precious metal?

Yes! That’s the short answer, to know more about this topic we invite you to read our blog post about it. It’s also a soft metal which is malleable and can be work easily with dexterity and know-how to make the best seller of jewelry. More of it, silver has to be mined in the heart of earth to be extracted and so transformed it into coins, jewel, ingot or whatever will be need to be. Did you know that the UK pound’s name was historically an equivalent of it’s weight in sterling silver.

What should i do if my bracelet tarnish?

There is some method to clean and take care of your jewel if they turn dark or tarnish. Just for the knowledge, it’s the copper or nickel mixed with the silver that make it turn dark.
To clean it, there is some methods, we will give you 3 of them that you can do at home, by yourself, for cheap price .
1) Soak your bracelet in a bath of warm water, white vinegar and baking soda and let magic happens.
2) Gently whip it with a soft cloth and some toothpaste until its bright back.
3) In a bowl, pour lemon juice or coke or white vinegar and let it soaked for at least 24 h, and if dirt still resist just add one more day and should be okay.

How about the different styles of silver bracelets?

There is traditionally some “nationalities” of sterling silver bracelet that are popular like for example:

  • Italian sterling silver bracelet: often with a chain and plate, and a lobster clasp
  • American silver bracelet: thick bangle with a S clasp
  • Mexico sterling silver bangle: pretty thick bangle engraved
  • India sterling silver bracelet: a thick bangle that cover a big part of your wrist
  • etc..

After all this we hope you’re ready to dive in and go to explore all the subtilties of our silver bracelets 925 categories. You will find jewel for men, for women and even for kids. Enjoy your visit and don’t hesitate to contact us, we are at your service.

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