925 Sterling Silver Pendants 

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Showing 1–25 of 254 results

Silver Pendants 925

What is silver pendant 925?

Silver Pendants 925 are jewels that are with humans from ages. Sterling silver 925 is an alloy of metals which contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals that are essentially copper, nickel or aluminium. Before even make rings, ancient artisans jewelers from every cultures of the world made pendants in sterling silver. Using many ways to embellish the precious metal, ornate with stones and gems. You can find black agate, onyx, opal, turquoise, tourmaline, freshwater pearls, cubic zircon and much more. It will be rare nowadays to find ruby, sapphire or diamond on a silver frame but you still can find it. At Full-Silver, we prefer focus on the quality of the metal and give you the best affordable prices on the market. To add some beauty and luxury to our jewel, sometimes you can find some of them which are 18k gold plated, 18k rose gold plated or rhodium plated and even platinum plated.
To ensures you the good quality of the precious metal, every piece has on it the S925 stamp, which is a proof of good material. All the pendants of our collection are handmade by the best artisans from Silver City in China. They’re carved, engraved, polished or hammered to give them the best aspect ever. You will find many shapes, form and meaning as for example heart to show your love, Buddha and cross to honor your beliefs. Also clover to bring luck, dragons, skulls, flowers to show fantasy. Our pendants are for men and women and you can make them match with bracelets, chains, earrings or rings. On the ringhole of the pendants, you will have the stamp, and it’s a criteria that you should take account of, especially if you already have a necklace.


woman wearing a silver necklace 925
woman wearing a silver necklace 925


To make a silver pendant 925, it can take since 10 mn to 3, 4, 5 hours and sometimes more of hard work without any stop. All depends on how complex is its design. Your pendant can be up to your choice a medal, a medallion, a simple pendant, only in silver metal, or mixed with brass, gold plated, or with semi precious stones and gems.

Why should you buy a pendant in silver?

When you buy a silver pendant, you are baiting on a beautiful object that will last a life long and even more if you can take some care of it in your life time. A pendant is a good way to show your personality, your religion, your beliefs and superstitions. It’s also a great way to invest your money to keep something valuable at home in these times of rampant inflation. Silver is forever, and since first times of the world was a exchangeable trade for services or products. Remember also that money coins for most was made of silver before been made of gold. For example in Asia around 500 years ago money was divided in four parts from expensive to cheap: gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins, and copper coins.
So at the question why you should buy a silver pendant? The answers are many, and the most important is: just because you like it. :) Full-Silver makes it a point of honor to check every pieces and give you the best price ever. Therefore, we will not rise our prices until May 2024, because we know that people is struggling through hard times now. We prefer win less money and let you store and keep value than only make profits from you, dear customers.

What’s make Full-Silver different?

Our company is based on four principles to make our dear clients happy.
1) Sourcing: we go in each city, each market and each factory to find for you the best suppliers at the best price, best quality and best service.
2) After sale service of first quality: the policy of our team is to be available 24/7 to answer your questions, guide you and accompany you to give you the best experience of shopping ever.
3) Provide you the best prices ever: according to the variations, the prices of shipping and everything, we guarantee you the most reasonable price forever.
4) Free shipping worldwide on every order and warranty of 6 months on each product with free return.
All that principles are the foundations of Full-Silver’s spirit. When you make a purchase in our shop, you sure will want to comeback to buy some more. Therefore, all our products even the gold plated or rhodium plated ones have a based of 925 sterling silver. We are here for one purpose: quality first!
When buying a silver pendant 925 at Full-Silver, you get a timeless item. Why? Simply because SILVER IS FOREVER!

All the products that you can see in our shop are in stock on our shelves and our prices are in usd, they just wait to be shipped to your home. You will can make a pendant and a chain matching to make a good set, or you can chose a set that we have made for you already.
As said before we hope you are enjoying surfing on our boutique and that you will find the item that you want and correspond to your personality and to who you are.

What shapes and weight of silver pendants can you find?

There is so many shapes and forms for a pendant: heart, wings, clover, skull, heads, animals, cross, flower just to name a few of them. Some of them will be ornate with garnet, chalcedony, brass, zirconia and many other decorations to embellish your jewel. About the weight, we work hard to find for you the best massive pieces of jewelry. So it can go from 1 to 30 and more grams for 1 piece. If you get a heavy jewel, it would be clever to hang it on a big and solid necklace that would support the weight of the item. It will be a great gift for yourself or for someone that you like, love, and care about. So don’t hesitate anymore and shop now.



woman with a silver pendant 925
woman with a silver pendant 925


Of course you could pair your pendant with a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a chain, to make the perfect match.
The material that compose our sterling silver pendants is the first quality of precious metal. If you don’t have yet a chain to slide your pendant in, you can go to take a look at the collection of silver chains 925, which is the one up here. It’s the size, the diameter and the width  that determine if the weight of the items will be heavy or not.

How to take care and clean your silver pendant 925?

There is some ways to clean your jewel at home for cheap and avoid going to see a professional. We will give you here 3 methods, up to you to follow them or not.
1) Soak your pendant 10 seconds in a bath of warm water, white vinegar and some baking soda and let magic happens.
2) Soak it 24 h in a bath of vinegar, or coke, or even lemon juice to let the acidity makes its office.
3) Gently whip with a soft cloth and some toothpaste until its bright back.

How can i check if my item is made of real silver or not?

Usually, people use 3 methods that are cheap and can be made by everyone and we will detailed them down here.
1: the magnet- take a magnet and let it slide down on your pendant, then do it on other metal, with silver it should be faster because silver is not magnetic.
2: weight: put it on a scale to know its weight
3: ice cube: take 2 ice cubes on one of them put your pendant, on the other another metal with almost same size and weight. Then watch which is the first to melt, silver tend to melt ice quick.

If these three tests are good and success at 95-96% you can be sure that your pendant is made of real sterling silver 925. So if you have some necklaces at home, just slide one on it and wear your jewel proudly.

Once you finish with this category you can go to take a look to the Silver Bracelets 925 collection itself inside the sterling silver 925 and maybe, grab one for yourself or someone you like.