999 Silver Chain

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Showing all 22 results

What makes S999 silver necklaces timeless?

S999 silver necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that never go out of style. The S999 stamp signifies that the necklace is made of pure fine silver, which is of the highest quality. Handmade by the best artisans in Silver City, China, each piece of jewellery is crafted with precision and care. The width and thickness of each necklace are carefully chosen to ensure that it is both durable and comfortable to wear. The carved and engraved necklaces are intricate works of art that add a unique touch to any outfit. These necklaces can match with bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings, making them versatile and easy to style.

You can find several types of lengths

On our website, you will can have some different types of clasps as lobster clasp, S clasp, U clasp or M clasp. You will be sure to have your chain secure around your neck. More than all it will add some beauty and cuteness to your necklace. The length also will vary from your choice to get the best of what you want for your style.

How to clean my chain if it tarnishes or turn dark?

As S999 silver is pure silver, you won’t need to clean it because it will not tarnish at all. We already know that is the metal mixed with silver as copper of nickel that lets it turning dark.

999 Silver Mens Necklace on woman neck
999 Silver Mens Necklace on woman neck

However if you want to take care of it, just soak it in a bath of warm water, white vinegar and baking soda and magic will happen in ten seconds. When you don’t wear your silver necklace, just store it in its gift box, it’s the best way to keep is shinning.

Why is Full-Silver different?

Full-Silver stands out from other websites because they offer free worldwide shipping and a 14-day free return policy. Additionally, Full-Silver’s customer service is top-notch, with representatives available 24/7 to answer any questions and guide clients through the purchasing process. So why wait? Browse now our collections and find your next chain, you will love to have one or more of them. We are at your service to answer any request you could have, and don’t hesitate to ask our dedicate team.

Why are S999 silver necklaces a good investment for the future?

In a world where the value of currency can fluctuate rapidly, investing in S999 silver necklaces is a smart choice. These necklaces are made of pure solid silver, which is a valuable commodity that can retain its value even in times of economic uncertainty.

999 Silver Cuban Chain on neck
999 Silver Cuban Chain on neck

Full-Silver is committed to offering their necklaces at a fair price and has pledged not to raise their prices until May 2024 to fight against inflation. By purchasing a S999 silver necklace from Full-Silver, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality piece of jewelry that will hold its value for years to come.

What makes Full-Silver’s S999 silver necklaces stand out as a gift?

Full-Silver’s S999 silver necklaces come in a beautiful gift box, making them an excellent choice for a special present. Whether you’re shopping for a man or a woman, these necklaces are suitable for any outfit and can be easily paired with other jewelry pieces. You can match your chain with a pendant, a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or make a full set of jewellery that you will love to have.

Can i know some different types of chain and necklaces you have?

The Cuban link chain and Miami Cuban link chain options are popular choices for men, while the sterling silver necklace and angel number necklace are great options for women. With free delivery and a sale price, you can get a high-quality gift without breaking the bank. Full-Silver’s commitment to customer service means that you can shop with confidence, knowing that you will receive a beautiful necklace that is sure to impress.

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