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How about silver pen?

The problem with Silver Pen is that they are so beautiful and useful for your life. Unisex and nicely engraved, carved, you can change the pin at any time to get the best of it all time. Handcrafted, the best workers have given their skills to make you the best items.

All the products of this collection are made of pure 925 sterling silver. A pen is helpful for many things, for example: signing a contract, a check, writing a phone number, giving your address to someone, your e-mail etc. It’s also a very beautiful present that you can make to someone you like and care about, or to yourself.

All our pens come in a pretty gift box, so you can put them in your vest pocket or in your handbag easily.

Silver Pen

For those who love beautiful hand drawn letters, we have selected a wide range of silver pens to perpetuate the age-old art of calligraphy. For the modern man or woman, our collection of silver pens invites you into the world of luxury pens, combining tradition with contemporary influences.

Why buy a silver pen

Silver pens have long been considered a symbol of elegance, luxury and. More than just writing instruments, they are works of art that have been passed down from generation to generation. A silver fountain pen is an object that speaks volumes about the person who owns it.

It is an eye-catching piece that enhances your ensemble and draws admiration. Ideal for carrying a pencil case, our premium luxury pens can be used as school supplies. At full-silver, we only offer pure silver pens, not lacquered like most other vendors.

Forget the matte black pencil and opt for a luxury silver pen, without paying the price of the big brands. Many colors of inks exist in the trade, such as the blue night, the turquoise, the fluo, brown, pastel, green ink, red or violet. Nevertheless, we advise you to stay on simple and sober colour tones.

Silver Pens: A neat and elegant collection

Silver Pen is a collection that has been elaborated with care and precision, each model having been deliberately chosen to evoke a specific emotion or convey a particular message. Whether it’s prose or poetry, with your silver pen, represent the beauty and elegance of writing.

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Each piece offers a different perspective and has a unique design, making our silver pens true works of art. The tip of all our pens is retractable, which allows you to have soft and delicate writing. To write with our pens, you just need to insert a refill that can be found in any stationery store. We advise you to choose an erasable ink, in order to correct possible mistakes and other ink stains that you could commit while writing. Moreover, the body of the pen is solid and rigid, which allows you an optimal grip, thanks to its laser and fancy engravings.

The history of the silver pen

The appeal of silver pens goes back to their history. Silver has been a well-liked metal for jewellery, flatware, and art items for ages. Because to its beauty and durability, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all utilized silver. In fact, silver was so valuable that it was once considered more valuable than gold. Over time, silver began to be used in other items, including pens.

In the early 20th century, silver pens became more popular as manufacturers began to incorporate metal into their designs. Today, silver pens come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, from classic fountain pens to modern retractable ballpoint pens. They are often adorned with intricate designs, gemstones and engravings that make each of our pens a true fashion-forward must-have accessory.

Silver Pen: A timeless accessory

Their cylindrical or tapered lines guarantee an accessory with a timeless aesthetic. More racy and masculine, we offer models with a tapered masculine design that will particularly appeal to men. You wish to offer an exceptional present to a refined woman? A silver pen is an ideal gift idea for that, which is a true ode to beautiful writing and elegance.

Silver pens at the cutting edge of refinement

Our silver pens are admired for the quality of the materials they are made of. They are sparklingly luxurious and shine with elegance and finesse. If you have a taste for precious objects and have a collector’s soul, the solid silver 925 which constitutes them will seduce you for sure.

Our silver pens have the attention to detail of the craftsman who made them. With a soft and delicate touch, its optimal grip brings you incomparable writing comfort. Whether you write with blue ink or disposable black ink, our refillable nibs allow you to change colors very easily. As a rule of thumb, one ink cartridge allows you to write about 30 pages without any problem.

A silver pen for easy writing

Our silver fountain pens are available in several ergonomic models and the grip allows you unbeatable comfort. Regularly, we complete our catalogue by offering you more and more choices and limited editions. Choose your model according to the use for which you intend it.

Dare to enjoy the pleasure of writing by opting for the nib. If you’ve never handled a liquid ink pen before, it may take some time to master it with dexterity. But whether you’re left- or right-handed, you’ll quickly appreciate the sound of the silver tip gliding across the paper without any effort. It’s a great way to add flair to all your writing !

Perfectionists in search of efficiency will opt for the ballpoint models with midnight blue or rollerball. Easy to use on a daily basis and very practical, they will allow you to write in a fluid, fast and simple way thanks to their regular and homogeneous ink flow.

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