Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus demo
Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus
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Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus



With this Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus, you know you’re investing and buying a piece of collection that will last forever in your family.

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This Beautiful Antique Silver Teapot and Tea Set was handmade by craftsmen for give you the best confort and the most beautiful Chinese art.

This Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus is from the best silvery craftsmen in Yong Xing, Hu Nan in China. This is a big place of crafted silvery.

Engraved with a Lotus and a golden flower, this teapot doesn’t miss anything to ally charm and fine art.

Watch all the details of it, can you see the mastery of the craftsman who work more than 60 hours to make this pretty piece of collection of 999 pure silver.

You have the choice to buy only the teapot, the fairy cup, both of them or the complete set with the mini bowls.

The flower nicely gold plated give another charm to this magnificent object and will never fade.

Benefits of drinking tea in this Chinese Silver Teapot With Rose and Lotus:
  • The precious metal is an inert metal that is less susceptible to chemical reactions. So it will not be affected by heavy metals.
  • It also has a good heat dissipation, soluble in water can reduce blood heat. And it plays a role in softening the heart and brain blood vessels.
  • The silver ion sodium ions released by the silver tea with the tea can act as a disinfectant. A very small amount of silver is dissolved in water as silver ions.
  • Silver ions sterilize, and as long as two hundred parts per billion of silver ions per liter of water. It is enough to kill most bacteria. Silver tea with boiled water can make the water soft and thin.
  • The silverware can hold water, milk, soup, etc. For a long time without being mildewed, fermented, and stinky, and plays a role in sterilization and disinfection.
  • Because silver can form traces of silver ions in water, it absorbs bacteria and disables the enzymes that rely on respiration, causing the bacteria to die quickly.
  • Chopsticks, spoons, cups, and other tableware, with disinfection, sterilization, activate cells. It also promote body detoxification regimen, accelerate metabolism, strengthen the resilience of the disease. Long-term use, it has the effect of enhancing energy and prolonging life.
How to maintain and clean your Chinese Silver Teapot:

After each use of it, please gently wrap it with a soft cloth, or some tissu.

If you don’t use it for a long time, store it in a cool place to prevent every black traces that could come.

However, if some traces appear, use again a humid soft cloth to wrap it until the traces disappear.

Do not put it on fire, or on a stove. Prefer to pour some hot water inside for use it.

Once you clean it already, let it air dry by itself, then store it.

Details of this tea set:
  • 100% pure 999 silver
  • 4 cups
  • 1 fairy cup
  • 1 tea pot
  • Handmade
  • Engraved
  • Neat details
Some reasons to buy this tea set:
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Warranted pure 999 silver
  • Satisfied or refunded

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Fair cup 180g, teapot 265g, 4-piece set 440g, 6-piece set 685, 8-piece set 810g, 9-piece set 1600g


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